The Sciense-building at NTNU will be renovated for NOK 100 million. When the 12,000 square foot roof is to be replaced and the crane does not reach, the helicopter became the solution.

More than 30 lifts of roofing materials and what is needed to build new technical rooms on the roof of the science-building at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), was lifted on the roof over a couple of hectic hours. In advance everything was carefully planned and packed. Each numbered lift had its “landing space” on the roof.

“These were areas we simply could not reach by crane. Where the crane had stand to reach  these roofs, it’s a culvert that would not withstand the ground pressure from a crane. That’s why the helicopter became the solution, “says André Rødahl, HRP, SHA / KU, responsible for the major renovation project at NTNU.

– The whole project is estimated to cost NOK 100 million. We are going to renovate the whole built exterior, ceiling, cornices, facades and we are renovating windows. There are teak windows on the whole building that are puddled down and oiled. The building is built with large glasshouses, so we have set up internal scaffolding – up to 36 meters high, to renovate these. All in all an extensive renovation. The facades are built in white concrete and are washed when the scaffolds are up. The entire project is scheduled to last for three years, “says HRP, Arve Brandhaug, Construction Manager.

The real estate building at Gløshaugen was appiled by NTNU 18 years ago. Project Manager at NTNU Alf Nasvikvold says that the building with its 63,000 square meters is a very complex building.

“The roof must be able to be refurbished after 18, of course, may seem somewhat early, but due to the complexity of the building there are many implementations in the roof. This makes leakages easier, says Nasvikvold.