HRP has signed a contract as a building commissioner with Statsbygg in connection with the construction of new buildings for teacher education and pedagogy (ILP) at UiT.

Teacher education is part of the former University College in Tromsø, which was merged with The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) in January 2009. Parts of the institute still stays in the university’s old premises in Mellomveien, south of Tromsø city center, but will move to the new combined education and office building at Campus Brevika.

Main features of the building include classrooms, classrooms, auditoriums, offices, meeting rooms, study rooms, public areas and rooms for building and technical facilities. BTA is approx. 10 800 m2. The building has 6 floors, as well as an underground culvert to connect it with the rest of the building on the campus.

The building will be constructed and built as a passive house and achieve a goal of almost 0-energy emission. Therefore, it is planned for alternative and renewable energy supply.

In addition to the role of a builder representative, HRP shall have the role of Technical Construction manager and SHA-KU. The building is scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2020.

There has been a competition with the competitive form of public offering with solution proposals. It was won by Entreprenørcompaniet Nord AS (Econor) who is in the process of the project.