The construction of Ski municipality’s major investment on infrastructure is ready for boot. NOK 400 million will be invested in a new water and sewage disposal plant.

“The project Ski-Haugbro is very comprehensive, and close to outstanding in its kind. That means a lot for the Ski community and is the largest in the approved plan for water supply, drainage and water environment in Ski Municipality, project manager at HR Project, Steven Von Hall says.

HRP is committed to both project and construction management in the major development.

Bane Nors entrepreneurs on the Follo track are still eating through the mountains between Oslo and Ski. When the Follo railroad opens in 2021 there will be 12 minutes travel time between Oslo S and Ski.

When Ski moves so close to the capital and a large regional labor market, this municipality’s position increases as an attractive place to live and work. Major developments have been planned, but before more of these can be realized, the infrastructure solution is in place as a ranking requirement.


The main route to Ski-Haugbro is approximately 4.6 km long and will be laid in areas that give rise to major geotechnical challenges. The drainage line, as part of the stretch, is laid as a dive solution – down 7-8 meters. This involves long waste water pipes with pressure, large aggregates and pipes that pass through the protected marshland with controlled drilling. The wastewater will eventually be passed through tunnels to the Nordre Follo wastewater treatment plant at Tusenfryd.

In addition to new pipelines, new pressure gauge stations will be installed in connection with the height pool at Hebekk.

“In addition to this major project, HRP conducted a conceptual poll for wastewater management between Vevelstad and Kongslia. The choice fell on the tunnel solution which is now in a pre-project phase. The tunnel will link the Vevelstad area to the new waste water pipeline Ski-Haugbro. This will also be a significant project for Ski Municipality, Steven Von Hall, Project Manager says.