Almost eight years after the old done burned down, the New Hønefoss Church is rebuilt as a modern church building.


The church building has been given a functional and economical solution based on a modern interpretation of classical church buildings. The church’s sculptural form will appear as a beautiful symbol building in the center of Hønefoss.

The new Hønefoss church is rebuilt on fire after the old church from 1862. It burned in January 2010. A lower and more inviting volume with the entrance to the center to the west continues in a curved roof shape that rises monumental to the east.

The winner of the architectural contest,«Himmeltrærne»,(“Heavenly Trees”), was won by LINK architecture, which saw an allé of trees and tree trunks crossing into a tree crown that forms the vault.

The church square and the church room itself have steel pillars and drawers as main bearings, complemented by a light roof solution. All steel is dressed in with lime wood. The sky is dressed with glue carriers, which have no bearing function, just an aesthetic purpose; to create the feel of the architects’ vision of a wooden crown, according to the draft “Heavenly Trees.”

Behind the double-walled foundation wall to the east lies the bell tower, exhaust ventilation and a niche for the organ to come