A grain silo from 1935 will be transformed to become a landmark and art museum of national importance. HR Project is central when the “Art Silo” comes to life. 

Next to the Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall in Kristiansand the Sørland’s Art Museum SKMU has decided to convert an old grain silo into a new art museum. The new “Art Silo” will include, among other works, the art collection given to the city of Kristiandsand by Nicolai Tangen. The art collection consists of more than 1100 Norwegian art works, collected over more than 20 years. The art collection is known to be the most important collection of Norwegian art from the period between  1930 to 1970. The ambition of the “Art Silo” is to become one of the Nordic region’s leading art museums. The museum will also be landmark and play a central role in both regional and national culture.

Just before Christmas 2016 the company Mestres Wåge Arquitect and MX_SI Arrchitectural Studio from Barcelona won an international architectural competition hosted by Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, the AKO Art Foundation, Kanalbyen, and Kristiandsand municipality. The jury had then gone through 101 architectural proposals from a total of 17 countries.

In the spring of 2017 a draft project was prepared as background for the main planning process. The main planning process that will result in preliminary plans for the “Art Silo” started in September 2017 and will aim to be completed by January 2018. HRP- Project Manager Helge Gevelt (picture below) leads the planning process, and is responsible for coordinating the project team.

“The design is very challenging as large parts of the silo will be removed to establish a large interior hall. Terratec has completed a 3D scan of the entire building to be able to establish a detailed BIM model of the existing construction”, Gevelt says.

Gevelt has previous experience from projects of similar size and complexity as he was the project group leader for the new Bergen Art and Design College. HRP is also responsible for taking on the role of HSE coordinator, responsible applicant and BIM coordinator.

In addition to the architect, SKMU has established a project group with highly experienced advisors from Hjellnes Consult AS (RIB), BJ Miljø AS (RIV), Engineer Per Rasmussen AS (RIE), Multiconsult AS (RIG, RIE, RIByFy), WSP, (PA, RIBr), COWI (RIAku) and Asplan Viak AS (RIM).

Helge Gevelt project manager Kunstsilo.